USA () the DXZone: ham-radio, ondes courtes cb-radio guide

USA () the DXZone: ham-radio, ondes courtes cb-radio guide

Annuaire de l'écoute radio : DX Zone  avec plus de 11.000 liens radio amateurs, ham-radio radio scanning, cb radio écoute radio ondes courtes, antennes personnelles, collection de logiciels spécialisés. Petites annonces gratuites. Annuaires professionnels. Très complet.


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    • Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1925 -
      Folded dipole antennas: terminated vs un-terminated, L.B. Cebik - W4RNL documents by ON5AU, Antenna Mast Guying for Amateur Radio Antennas, 50:450 Ohm (9:1) Balun for vertical antennas, Trapped Dipole Antenna for 20-30-40m, Vertical Antenna for 30 meters band, How setup the antenna tower, MSL - Mechanical Systems Lehmann - Telescopic Masts and Towers, HF SIGNALS, 435 plus 1296MHz ATF54143 Pre-amplifier

    • Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1924 -
      A simplified guide to FT8 DXPedition mode, Caravan Ham Radio Shack, 80 meter Ceramic Resonator VXO CW Transmitter, Saluki Technology Inc., Introduction to NPR New Packet Radio - Presentation, NPR New Packet Radio - IP over 430 MHz, New Paket Radio: Hamnet over 70cm by EA4GPZ, S9A Log Online

    • WSJT-X version 2.1.0 released -
      The WSJT Development Group is pleased to announce the general availability (GA) release of WSJT-X Version 2.1.0.

    • ICOM IC-R20 -
      IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.

    • FT CALC 1.3 - Ferrite Toroidal Core HF Calculator -
      Software/Circuit Design
      This EXCEL Program Worksheet calculates the safe operating conditons for a toroidal transformer operating between 1 and 50 MHz. Manufacturer data for complex permeability, magnetic dimensions, and saturation flux density must be available. Some core types which are commonly used in amateur transmission are included. The program produces limiting winding voltages for linear operation and temperature rise over the range of frequencies and power specified.

    • How to Find Old Amateur Radio Call Signs -
      DX Resources/Callsigns
      Many times, persons doing research about their ancestors know that a relative was a ham radio operator, and they are interested in learning the call sign held by that person. Depending on the year when the person was licensed, this can sometimes be a very difficult process.

    • The Easy Way Antenna Systems -
      Antennas/Theory/Antenna Gain
      This document is a must read for anyone considering building a good low cost HF multi-band antenna system. The author combine in this document four important ingredients to produce simple but effective antenna system, like antennas of non resonant length, line attenuation, the transmatch and the balun

    • The Wave Antenna for 200-Meter Reception -
      A QST Article published in November 1922 is about the origin of Beverage antennas, an unidirectional antenna type that was discovered and experimented for the first time in that period. This article is the introduction to beverage antenna theory, by the homonimous autho H. H. Beverage.